CTIA Statement on the FCC’s Adoption of the Wireless Communications Services in the 2.3 GHz Band

Following the Federal Communications Commission’s adoption of an Order on Reconsideration revisiting the rules for Wireless Communications Services (WCS) in the 2.3 GHz Band, I issued the following statement:

“CTIA is pleased that Chairman Genachowski and the Commissioners are taking steps to facilitate the deployment of mobile broadband services in the Wireless Communications Service band. Freeing up underutilized spectrum is a critical component in the effort to meet the rapidly-escalating demand for mobile broadband services. Whether through removing regulatory barriers or clearing underutilized spectrum in bands that can be used for mobile services, delivering additional spectrum for mobile broadband allows the U.S. wireless industry to invest billions of dollars every year and deploy world-leading networks, resulting in significant economic benefits for U.S. consumers and businesses.”


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