CTIA-The Wireless Association Statement on NAB’s Keynote by Gordon Smith

In response to NAB’s President and CEO Gordon Smith’s keynote at its conference today, I released the following statement:

“While I am not inclined to respond to NAB every time it repeats its opposition to incentive auctions, since this is NAB’s conference, CTIA and the wireless industry thought we’d respond to this set of desperate and inaccurate stall tactics.

“As the FCC Chairman correctly noted, the data couldn’t be clearer. The consumption of wireless devices and services are tremendous and will clearly continue to grow at exponential rates. Since there is a large amount of broadcast spectrum, as well as a variety of other sources, that is underused or unused, we need to make sure this finite resource is put to its most efficient use.

“These kinds of stall tactics are unnecessary and need to stop. We need to move now so we can continue the great innovations and economic benefits to Americans and America.”

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