2010 in Review: Empowering Parents and Protecting Children in Today’s Wireless World

Whether you have kids or spend any time around teens, you’d likely agree with this Pew study: text messaging is the primary way that teens “talk” with their friends. While a wireless device allows all of us, including kids, freedom and serve as a public safety tool, we also recognize that there is a possibility for some to use the technology in an irresponsible and inappropriate manner.

This year, we’ve accomplished a lot to help educate parents and help them talk with their kids on how to use their mobile devices in a safe and responsible way. Chris Guttman-McCabe, vice president, regulatory affairs at CTIA, highlights some of the industry’s initiatives to help empower parents and protect children in an increasingly digitized mobile future.

At our spring show, we launched our website and ad campaign “Be Smart. Be Fair. Be Safe: Responsible Wireless Use” to equip parents with the necessary materials needed to talk and teach their kids on how to use their wireless devices responsibly. We wanted to give them easy-to-understand information so that our children are responsible wireless users. Whether you’re a parent, educator or policymaker, we believe that everyone should play a role to empower the next generation of wireless users so they are smart, safe and responsible.

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